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Who and what is Sporting Chance Prize Draw?

Sporting Chance Prize Draw is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together the UK's sporting community and charities in the UK. We create and run the annual Sporting Chance Prize Draw (every March), secure amazing sporting prizes and manage the promotion. Our charity partners use our platform to raise funds from their own donor and supporter bases.

In a nutshell, how does the Prize Draw work?

The UK's sporting community kindly donates unique sports-related prizes, at no cost.

On 1st March at 12 noon, the Prize Draw is open and available to enter via our website. Each purchase goes straight to the purchaser's chosen UK charity, accessible via the drop-down list or a unique URL provided by the charity.

On 31st March at 12 noon, the Prize Draw closes and is made later that day.

The winners are revealed from Monday 3rd April.

The process of gathering amazing sporting prizes then starts again!

How do I enter?

Click Enter Draw.

Select your charity.

Select your donation amount.

Choose a payment method for your donation.

Our 'donate by bank' payments provider is Volt. You pay directly from your bank account, instantly.

  1. Select your bank. Pay from your bank. No card needed.

  2. Log into your bank account. Your bank details are never shared.

  3. Approve the payment. That's it. Faster and more secure.

There is an alternative 'donate by card' option, too.

You will see a notification confirming your donation was successful.

You will not receive an email confirmation if donating by bank.

Is Sporting Chance Prize Draw a charity?

Sporting Chance Prize Draw is private limited company (number: 07664618). We are a not-for-profit organisation created with the single ambition to raise funds for UK-based charities. You can find a list of the charities we are supporting here.

Does Sporting Chance Prize Draw comply with UK Gambling Laws?

We operate as a Prize Draw. No purchase is necessary to enter Sporting Chance Prize Draw; we include a method of entry via post in order to comply with UK Gambling Laws (Schedule 2; Gambling Act 2005) and have a written agreement in place with the Gambling Commission.

What are the rules?

Our terms and conditions explain the rules in detail.

I've won! Can I choose my prize?

No. The prizes are drawn in order (1 to 80) and prizes allocated to winners on that basis.

Each entry into the Prize Draw gives you a sporting chance of winning an amazing prize.

If you want to pass your prize on to friends or family, you can!

How are the winners drawn?

The prize winners are drawn through a random computer procedure soon after the closure of a Sporting Chance Prize Draw.

The Prize Draw will be witnessed and verified by an independent party.

When do I find out if I’ve won?

An email will be sent to all entrants to the Sporting Chance Prize Draw from Monday 3rd April with details of the prize winners.

All winners will be contacted up to three times via the same email address, before the prize is reallocated.

How are the prizes sourced?

We work with individuals, clubs, and businesses from across the UK’s sporting community to secure amazing prizes. Donors contribute their prizes free-of-charge.

Do the charity partners donate prizes?

Some of our sporting prizes are donated by our charity partners who operate in or have partnerships in the sports sector. These donations are sourced at no financial expense to the charity.

Can I choose any charity?

Yes, you can choose any of the charities participating in Sporting Chance Prize Draw. You’ll be asked which one you would like to choose when you enter.

Do the charities really get 100% of the entry fee?

100% of your entry fee goes to one of 30 charities you select when you enter the Prize Draw.

If you are unsure about which charity to support, you can select the ‘no preference’ option at the top of the drop-down list of charities. 100% of donations received via this option will be split amongst the charities.

How do we guarantee that 100% of the funds raised go to charity?

We are privately financed by several Founder Partners of Sporting Chance Prize Draw, who ensure all administration costs associated with the Sporting Chance Prize Draw platform are paid for. This includes any donation transaction fees that donors decide not to cover themselves. Therefore, all the money raised from the Prize Draw is donated to charity.

Why do we support UK-based charities?

Many small charities across the UK had their fundraising events postponed, or cancelled entirely, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sporting Chance Prize Draw was formed as a response – offering UK charities the chance to fundraise without the need to create or deliver an in-person fundraising event. Our ambition is to grow the platform and the number of causes we support.

How much has been raised to date via our platform?

In our first two Sporting Chance Prize Draws, nearly £45,000 was raised for charity. Held in March 2021 and 2022, they helped support small UK charities at a time when income from fundraising events was severely impacted because of the pandemic.

Now, in 2023, for the first time, we have resource available to grow the Sporting Chance Prize Draw.

We are ready – with your support – to accelerate our impact.

Are there any direct costs associated with becoming a charity partner?

No. We provide charities with our donation platform (website); we source the majority of the amazing sporting prizes; and we then transfer 100% of the funds raised for the charities, to the charities.


100% of your entry fee goes to one of 30 charities you select when you enter the Prize Draw.

You are also able to enter without making a financial donation to charity through a 'free entry'. To apply, please see section 9(b) in our Terms & Conditions.