A new way for UK charities to fundraise

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We are a platform for small UK charities to fundraise. Our chosen charities use Sporting Chance to approach their supporters to make a donation – in a new exciting way.

 And … 100% of all the money that the charities raise, through Sporting Chance, is gifted to them.

How it works

The UK’s Sporting Community offer prizes [free of charge] to the Sporting Chance platform. Our charities then encourage their supporters to donate money, from as little as £10 … and as a ‘thank you’ each donation is entered into a draw with a chance to win one of the sporting prizes. The more money supporters donate, the better their chances of winning a prize. 

Once the draw is made, each charity then receives all the money that has been directly donated to them.


Sporting Chance Prize Draw was set up in March 2021 to raise funds for small UK charities who were so badly hit by Covid. By having to cancel so many of their events, charities continue to be unable to raise the funds they need. Sporting Chance is a new way for charities to connect with their supporters and to ask them to donate.

UK’s Sporting Community: their support

For the UK’s Sporting Community, Sporting Chance Prize Draw is a chance for them to help raise funds for the charities of their choice – either by offering a prize, or by supporting our ‘socials’.


100% of all the money that is raised through Sporting Chance is donated to the charities. All our running costs have been covered by the generous support of a few individuals, together with the founders. And all the prizes have been donated ‘free of charge’ by the UK’s Sporting Community.

Good luck to everyone involved with this brilliant initiative. Please get involved if you can, by offering prizes now or donating nearer the time. EVERY penny raised goes to the excellent charities

Piers Morgan, Monday 22nd November 2022


The Sporting Chance Prize Draw will take place every March. We launched in March 2021. In March 2022, the Draw will be open between 4th to 14th March. On 14th March the Prize Draw will be made, the winners will be notified and the charities will receive the money raised.

“We are truly grateful for your hard work, generosity and support with your brilliant new initiative”

Rob Young, CEO, Switch the PLay

Sporting Chance Prize Draw logo